Let us say we are all in anticipation of sunny summer days, laid back outdoor parties and certainly a lot of chilled wine. Chilled wine will be in abundance in Cannes this year, where we will be delighted to say "Hello" to all our old friends and make some new - please email info@elcolony.tv 

Meanwhile, after having fun with Jacob's, director Brian Williams moved further into working with edible props, while telling an emotional story. Brian's summer spot for ALDI supermarkets: quintessential summer in forty seconds. 

Click to play


Juraj Janis puts a comic spin on life's truths for Kooperativa in a series of three spots

Click to play


Legendary Joe Torre delivers a powerful message in the PSA Prostate Cancer spot directed by Steve Fuller. 


Fuller worked with Leviathan to bring a mirrored touch to drama series intro

El Colony's Stephen Fuller Shoots 50 Cent's 'Power' Title Sequence

Leviathan, a design company in Chicago, approached El Colony's Stephen Fuller to help them pitch on a title sequence for the show. The client, impressed, picked one of his ideas. After two days in a studio on a tiny budget the title sequence for 50 Cent's drama series POWER emerged. 

The main character in Power leads a double life. He is the wealthy owner of a night club which is a front for a massive cocaine business. Steve decided to use a simple mirror effect as a metaphor for this double/split life.

Steve really liked staying simple and just mirroring the image for the most part, but occasionally broke that rule and had different objects across the split.



Martin Schmidt (aka Martines) is a performance and table top director, with a background in documentary, based in Hamburg. 

Over the past few years we have worked with Martines, he directed numerous spots for Knorr in a variety of languages, quite a few car films, played with kids and humorous sets and has never failed to deliver exactly what he promised. 

With a background as a documentary filmmaker, Martin knows a thing or two about natural performance and observational style, with a keen eye for beautiful framing and particular lighting he creates beautiful natural settings   for each film. 

Here we would like to share Martines's latest: Bimoli and Knorr. 



Click to play


El Colony team has welcomed Rene Nuijens to its ranks. 


El Colony team welcomes Rene Nuijens to it's ranks: An award winning Dutch director and photographer, Rene is known for his casting, subtle storytelling and dry humour.

Rene learned lifes' most important lessons while helping at his father's pet shop as a kid. For example, that humour is very much like kitty litter: its best to keep it dry, very dry… His ability to talk and bond with animals laid the groundwork in his devolpment into a true actors director. Rene loves to uncover the absurditity of contemporary situations who are recognisable for everybody. And while he never liked dog shows, they did give him a taste for winning prizes. In short Rene always shoots towards the stars like his heroes Dennis Bergkamp, space dog Laika and her wonderfully human counterpart Yuri Gagarin.

You can have a look at some of Rene's work here


Here is what we have been up to lately: our Buenos Aires based director Fernando Livschitz and partner production house STEFI.  
Produced by STEFI and shot in Athens, this is the
latest spot for OPAP lottery in Greece. 

Click to play


Juraj Janis, our Bratislava based Director has been busy lately:

Watch new spot for Teta cosmetics directed by Juraj 

Agency: Leagas Delaney Prague

DoP: Alexander Šurkala

Editor: Marek Kráľovský

Recently, Juraj's film "Drive" got the Golden Hammer award http://goldenhammer.eu/winners_list/
"Drive" (You drink, we drive) is now in the finalsts of CRESTA Awards, the winner will be announced in October. 

Watch "Drive" here. 



A new father watches his daughter's life unfold in front of his eyes . Director Wouter Stoter for ING Bank. The film was shot in one day and on one location in Holland, with a wonderful cast of redheads. 

Click to play


El Colony's Director/DOP Camille Marotte captures the spirit of Diptyque Figuier in his new dreamy film for the exquisite candle-makers. Camille set off on a road trip, waiting for the perfect golden hour light with only a lightweight 4K camera and his model.Shot around Greek mountain village East of Thessaly, home of fig trees that form the base of the fragrance, the film has a very intimate feel of travel memories. Perfume of Memories. 

Editing/Grading: After Effects
 // Camera/Lenses: Canon 1DC / Canon 24,50,100
 // Model: Petra Silander
 // Music: Agnes Obel - Fuel to Fire // Version: Director's cut


Latest spot by Wouter Stoter for ING Bank, shot in Istanbul. 

Click to play


Steve is an Emmy award-winning Director, who joins El Colony for Eastern Europe and Aisa regions. As a design-based director Steve brings expertise in the integration of design and live-action to the production process, coupled with an ability to lead projects from conception to completion. Comfortable in a variety of mediums and genres, Steve's creative through-line is visual storytelling.

Steve is widely known for iconic projects such as his Emmy winning main titles for AMC's Mad Men serving as Creative Director and Designer. His creative efforts for Showtime's Nurse Jackie and the HBO miniseries The Pacific earned Steve two Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Main Title Design category in 2010.

Steve has recently been busy as an independent director helping major brands create memorable impressions with customers via commercials. His directing credits including major campaigns for McDonalds, CB2, and Anthem Healthcare. Steve has also worked with an impressive group of clients including Google, Ford, Spike, MTV, CBS Sports, Fox, Reebok, NFL, Citibank, NBC, Covergirl, ESPN, Ubisoft, USA, Sears, BBC, Olympus, and BMW.

Previously, Steve helped start and grow the East Coast offices of Imaginary Forces. Over his eight years with the firm, the Director/Designer forged a reputation for inspired, original projects for networks, agencies and feature films.

His work has also been recognized by the BDA and The One Club.


Watch the reel / Steve Fuller

Click to play


Juraj Janis, a fast-rising star of the Eastern European scene has joined London, Moscow and Athens-based El Colony for representation. 

Juraj’s work is wonderfully observational, poignant and humane. A special talent in capturing the essence of feelings that each and every one of us has had at some point in our lives, Juraj extracts a deeply real performance from his actors, so it is no wonder that in a very short period of time he scored numerous national awards in Slovakia and a Silver Epica in 2013. 

Juraj’s directing career might be short, but he brings a wealth of experience into his work from all sides, having run a successful production company and having worked as a creative for McCann Erickson Prague. If this doesn’t sound enough – there were numerous music videos, charity work, writing and directing for TV and also running his own small ad agency.

We are very pleased to welcome Juraj at El Colony and hope you will appreciate his work as much as we do. 

Please drop us a line with any questions: olga@elcolony.tv

Or watch the Juraj's selected work here. 


Visit us on Facebook


Dear Friends, 

Please welcome Vangelis, a new member of El Colony camp.

Son of a journalist, raised in an extrovert, bohemian-spirited family, Vangelis knew from a very young age he would pursue a career with a creative edge.

His introduction to the world of cinema began when a ten-year-old boy watched films from the terrace of the family summer home in Myconos, which faced the local open-air cinema. Fellini, Antonioni, Godard and Kubrick triggered a real passion for films.

Soon after high school, Vangelis’s impulsive desire to explore the world took him to New York, where he was first engaged in Communication and Journalism studies.

While in New York, Vangelis was introduced to the glamorous world of fashion. He dropped out of College and grabbed the rear opportunity to travel the world, while working in Fashion for a few years.

A passion for film brought him back to the US.

After studying Film and working in the US, Vangelis returned to his native Greece, intent on building up his reel. Whilst still working as a Fashion Photographer, Vangelis was offered the opportunity to direct commercials and quickly developed a reputation as one of the Country’s most interesting and prolific directors.

For more than a decade, working with some of the top agencies in the Region Vangelis has produced an original and distinctive body of work, directing award-winning campaigns for some of Greece’s leading brands including “ALPHA BANK”, “CRAFT”, “COCA COLA”, “COSMOTE”, “FORD”, “SEAT”, “VODAFONE”, “GREEK TELECOM”, “OLYMPIC GAMES 2004”, to name a few.

Across his career directing commercials, Vangelis has always strived for perfection; his treatment of images has evolved from the sophisticated world of post-production to a closer, special and very human perception of reality. His work is defined by its beautiful composition and a cinematic quality that captures real emotion. It’s the telling of good stories with his specific touch of sentiment that makes Vangelis’s work so engaging and enjoyable to watch. 

Click to play


Ben has been a Saatchi & Saatchi creative, a footballer and a messenger, amongst other things. It seems what he does best is finding a great human connection with his subjects, be they professional stars of today or retired athletes. Known for comedy and funky music promos, Ben is far more diverse than that. 

The art of shooting any celebrity who has had no acting training, and in particular footballers and sportsmen is to research and understand what and who they are.

"When I worked with Wayne Rooney for Coke I realised straight away that he would not be able to act and therefore as the script demanded that he did some acting I tried to minimise what he did at script stage and try to capture him being natural when we shot. This in turn led to me insisting on using two cameras and capturing him without his knowing by turning over and calling false cuts whilst the camera kept rolling.  This then gave me shots I could use in the finished film that looked very natural. http://www.elcolony.tv/talent/moscow/ben_jones/#reel/12/  The ultimate goal is to make them feel comfortable and they will work harder and better for you. But most importantly you will get a better more natural performance."

Here, we would like to share a story of the latest film Ben shot for PUMA Rangers:

"When it came to shooting my latest film for Puma, this was a slightly trickier job as all three players ranged in age between 94 and 72 years of age. I wasn’t even born when they were playing! They came from a completely different time and this was what I was trying to capture in the film, but not in an old fashioned way.

Not the glory old days of football, but the love and commitment these players had to their club and playing the game itself. Something that a lot of fans feel is missing from modern day football. Puma wanted to connect with the fans of Glasgow Rangers and through these three football legends I was able to capture some of the beauty of Football played by players who loved the game.

For the shoot I spent a long time researching and looking back at the history of all three players and what they achieved and some of the stories surrounding their playing days. I wanted to be able to connect with them when I sat down and talked to them. The more you can do that the better they are going to be on camera and the more likely you are to be able to pull out great stories.

I wanted to give the overall look and feel of the film a quite dark but rich texture, given that I thought that what we would get from the three older players in terms of stories would be quite passionate.

Rangers have a unique and rich history and are an old fashioned club that believe in old-fashioned values. The locations we had to shoot in allowed me to convey that feeling and the use of slow tracking shots was always going to be important.  But with limited time, lots of different locations to shoot in and small spaces I opted not to use a track and dolly but instead went for a super long slider and did my tracking shots that way. I’ve done it before, but it’s always a risk as 8ft long sliders are not built to take the size and weight of an Alexa and lens. We had some wobbles, literally, at times, but it worked out really well."

Puma's launch of Glasgow Rangers home kit. http://www.elcolony.tv/talent/moscow/ben_jones/#reel/1/

We hope you liked our little behind the scenes. If you have any questions, please drop us a line.

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Pepsi and the NFL come together to celebrate the epic journey both players and fans embark on throughout the entire football season, in hopes of reaching Super Bowl 48 with their new film “March to 48.” The first of two films, this one builds anticipation as fans prepare for the first kick-off, along with giving us a glimpse of NFL greats like San Francisco 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh, Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, Hall of Famer Barry Sanders and Detroit Lions Quarterback Matthew Stafford as they head into the season. A second film debuting in November will focus on the march to the playoffs. 


Click to play


Reebok directed by Omri with Mattias Rudh DoP. This 40 second agency version debuted in Russia in September. The idea developed by NYC agency McGarry Bowen for the Russian market and shot in Poland,  the story focuses on young professional athletes.


Click to play


Camille Marotte is a young French director and motion designer with a delicate, cinematic style and a penchant for beauty, fashion, cars and luxury. With an obsession for light, color, and photography, Camille’s work for Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein gained notoriety in fashion circles, which further fanned his popularity with beauty industry giants Maybelline, Garnier, and Nivea.


Latest photo and film series photographed and directed by Thortsen Rother for GQ. Porsche in all it's glory. 

Click to play


Row and Jack, an award winning directing dup join El Colony. 

Row and Jack have worked with the likes of LMFAO, Michael Kiwanuka and Bacardi to mention a few.

LMFAO Campaign Live article: 
"beat thousands of entrants to direct the Universal Music artists' pop promo after taking part in challenges, which included turning around a music video in just 24-hours."


Catholic Easter opening times: 

London office / closed Friday, March 29 - Monday, April 1. For urgent ongoing work please email olga@elcolony.tv

Moscow office / Business as usual: katya@elcolony.tv

Athens office / Business as usual: f.katsari@stefi.gr



We would like to introduce a new addition to El Colony roster: Cannes 2012 YDA winner Fernando Livschitz.

This is only a sneak peek at Fernando's reel, and there is a lot more to be seen later: Fernando recently completed 6 spectacular spots for Mercedes, Coke and Toyota, amongst others. We can, of course, give some impatient friends a private preview or share with you some music videos.

Fernando directed his first short film at the age of 17 and by now won several national and international awards. A viral video Buenos Aires Inception Park won Fernando a Young Director´s Award 2012 in Cannes and quickly exceeded one millions viewers on Vimeo...

Fernando studied communication and cinema, and thanks to his passion for post-production, developed a natural look associated with an elaborated aesthetic. 

Immersed in design and architecture, Fernando adds what can be described as dreamlike atmosphere, while keeping stunning realism. Aware that beauty is in the details, he displays these effects with meticulous care and incredible control while working delicately on the arrangement of colors.

It is impossible for him to separate image from music, which led to several music videos for South American Rock Bands. If you would like to see or know more - please drop us a line.

Click to play


Watch the latest spot directed by Steve Fuller and photographed by Igor Martinovic for McDonalds. One of three of the series, in a signature style. Since completing this job, the pair has been booked on a number of new projects, and just finished another one, which will share with you shortly…

Click to play


Robby Elia's re-vamped website is up and running, check it out here or have a look at his reel through us and come back to us for Robby's Eastern European bookings.



This is an absolute shambles: we just spotted one (!) contact mistake in our newsletter. As embarrassed as we are, it is never too late to fix it...

So, lets get things straight:

STEFI International Service Department // FAY KATSARI // email is f.katsari@stefi.gr
Alternatively, any inquiries: info@elcolony.tv



Dear Friends,

With 2012 coming to an end, we would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and remind you that we will be closed 23-25 December.

Yours truly,

El Colony team.


With a weather forecast showing an average of 15C in Athens, we think it might be a good time for you to come shoot with us, while it is waaaaay below zero in Moscow.

Feel free to drop a line to out international service department at STEFI. Fay Katsari is at your service. f.katsari@stefi.gr

Alternatively, you can always talk to us in Russian: info@elcolony.tv


As part of our automotive issue - please welcome new director, DOP and photographer Thorsten Rother.

Thorsten has grown up in North Germany.
As a five year old Thorsten had an early start in photography with Kodak Instamatic he received as a gift. Later on followed formal education in advertising business and shortly Thorsten started working as an assistant to several photographers in Hamburg, Berlin and New York.
Since 2001 Thorsten works as a freelance Photographer, and as a Director & DoP since 2008. Fluent in most visual media from online content to cinema ads and documentaries, Thorsten works in a variety of formats and techniques, capturing lyrical beauty of anything that comes his way.
He lives and works in Munich, Germany, but is travelling often in search of imagery that defined his work to date.

We represent Thorsten globally, apart from Germany and Austria. Click to play


Introducing our new car director Chris Hook.

Chris' Directing experience has an immense pedigree, with films for Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Land Rover, Microsoft & Sony to name a few, all led by a grounding in dramatic narrative.

For the past 13 years he has only shot cars, all around the world, across the US and California to Iceland, across Europe and to New Zealand, always striving for extraordinary environments in which to place beautiful automotive product. He has Produced and Directed films for Aston Martin for the past 10 years.

His previous work includes 45 music videos and concerts for The Cure, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Genesis & Queen, cinema and television commercials for Land Rover and Ford, plus over 200 hours of broadcast television including BBC Top Gear, Discovery (U.S.) and Sky (Fox).

Click to play


Here are two latest spots shot and directed by Jasmin Kuhn for Ecover: light, airy and soft, just like the feel of your favorite sweater. Click to play


It seems, in some parts winter set in already. All would be swell, if all of us enjoyed the gloom. So we would like to remind you that it is still +19 C in Athens today... You can always come over to enjoy a bit of warmth, hospitality and sun combined with great production service.

Please email Fay at our International Service department f.katsari@stefi.gr, or olga@elcolony.tvSource


The Core's latest music video gains international recognition in the past few weeks:

"What starts with the bold lettering, orange-y filters and crisp style of a Levi's ad, soon gets pretty weird in Athenian art-pop singer Sillyboy's latest music video directed by Stathis Mourdoukoutas ("one of the Core"). Despite it's large scale name, "Coast to Coast" really focuses in on one girl’s body – in a very non-sexual, object-like way.
Applied to captivating series of images, Sillyboy’s song is relegated to soundtrack status. Still, the crashing and circular rhythm sets the perfect pace for the moody, liquid video, driving each cut from scene to scene and adding a sense of motion that keeps everything seamless."

Sillyboy's NATURE OF THINGS is out now on Just Gazing Records.Click to play


Laurent Azema seems to be able to extract subtle comedy performances from anyone. Is it due to exotic locations where the sun and the sea turn everyone into a very agreable kind, or is it his French accent and lovely personality?
We are sharing these two spots for BR shot in Mauritius without subtitles (yet), so that you can see what we mean.

Click to play


We now represent Director/DOP Jen Sheroky in Russia and way beyond. Jen has a funky humorous style and heaps of energy. Don't judge his talents on the basis of one spot - Jen's work is an eclectic mixture of captivating imagery and practically slapstick comedy. Check out his reel on our site.Click to play


Wiebke Berndt: new IKEA spots.
Real, wonderfully natural storytelling is Wiebke's signature style. There is still quite a bit of time left before Christmas, so if you feel that your ideas might blossom with Wiebke's magical touch - do let us know. Click to play


Please note that from November 1 we are handling all worldwide bookings for DOP and Director Jonathan Weyland. Drop us a line info@elcolony.tv


Now that Barak Obama has been re-elected, we are pleased to say that our own Igor Martinovic has been involved in shooting some of Obama's campaign, Igor's visual style as a DOP has earned him numerous prizes. Here is just a reminder of his work in a compilation reel. Igor is available to work as a DOP or Director / DOP.Click to play


Please welcome Gianluca Sodaro, an Italian film and commercial director with a very quirky sense of humor. Click to play


Its official!

We are happy to announce that after a long and romantic relationship, this summer El Colony has joined in matrimony with a production base in Athens - STEFI Productions. Our beautiful union provides you with a fantastic service on the shores of Mediterranean, our usual service in Russia and beyond, post production and, as always, our own exclusive roster of directors and photographers.

Our Athens production team is headed by a stellar producer Fay Katsari, producer of the year in Greece in 2012. Fay's film and commercial production experience stretches over 25 years (yes, our marriage is a bit on a young bride / established groom side).

Established back in 1971 by Vassilis Katsoufis & Vittorio Pietra STEFI is till today the biggest production company in Greece. With presence in all production fields such as TVC, Films, Documentaries, TV Programs, and Music Events, Stefi was announced production company of the year for 2010 at the Ermis Awards ( Greek production festival)

Oh, and by the way, it is still +25C in Athens and sunny...


Omri Cohen, one of the brightest and fast rising new stars in USA. We love his relaxed and real spots, and hope you do to.

Although NCL has been shot last year, we have been holding on to it to share with you Omri's seductive Directors Cut.
Scroll the reel to see more spots for Amazon and Yellow pages, and a few more we will share in a couple of days. Source


While recovering from heavy duty Cannes escapade, check out cool new spot photographed by Igor Martinovic (and his own edit) for Spike magazine. Shot on RED Epic camera using high speed and ramping motion techniques.

NYC-based Igor is spending mid-summer in Europe, which is only a short flight away from anywhere you might want him to be.Click to play


Dear Friends,

We will be in Cannes from June 20th and delighted to meet you face to face, show our directors (and introduce some of them in person) and share a glass or two of cold rose.

With Omri Cohen winning prizes (Omri's spot for Nike shot in Mumbai won Bronze at GoaFest 2012 plus 2012 AICP shortlist for a small budget Google spot "Frank Restaurant"), Ruben Latre working away on new beautiful films, Eric Heimbold getting all the attention in Istanbul for his latest Coke/Burn commercial and music video for Tarkan - we have a lot to offer.

Drop us a line on info@elcolony.tv and say "hello"!

Yours truly,

El Colony team

Click to play


Congratulations to Omri Cohen! Nike Yards, Omri's spot for Nike shot in Mumbai, won Bronze at GoaFest 2012 - the biggest India and South Asia "advertising festival".
Click to play


Robby Elia, our Berlin based director, recently finished this music promo for "Ich kann fliegen - Adventure". The spot was shot on RED in a magnificent historic location - Beelitzer sanatorium, near Berlin. Everyone had a lot of fun creating this fantastic nocturnal journey to the stars.Click to play


A gem of a film for NikeClick to play


A little scary something from our Director of Photography Igor MartinovicClick to play


Robby was born in Vienna, Austria. It was the year Disneyland opened, Greenpeace was founded and cigarette ads were banned on TV.
Robby’s childhood was not affected running around with a S-8 camera or similar, on the contrary, his mother’s vision for Robby was to become a doctor.
Now, seriously, it's a miracle he turned into a swell director with a great sense of humor and a great deal of experience in post. Click to play


We would like to congratulate our cinematographer and director Phedon Papamichael with his latest feature getting 5 Oscar nominations. The Descendants. Cinematography - Phedon PapamichaeSource


Nabil Elderkin’s Bouncing Cats is currently touring, screening in different cities and film festivals. To find out about upcoming screenings, donate to Breakdance Project Uganda, or find out more about the project, go to www.BouncingCats.com. This is a powerful film with a story that needs to be told. Go to www.BouncingCats.com to get involved.Source


We are happy to introduce our very talented director Ruben Latre
Represented by our partners in NYC and by El Colony in London, Moscow and Mumbai. Ruben’s photographic sensitivity and unsurpassed knowledge of post-production has won him numerous awards, including SHOOT New Directors showcase in NYC. Watch his outstanding spot for National museum of Hip Hop “The Conductor”.Click to play


El Colony’s awarded cinematographer and an imaginative director Igor Martinovic makes 2011 SHOOT New Director’s showcase. Igor’s “Adidas” selected as AICP 2011 finalist, screened at MOMA NYC June 2011.Source


El Colony is proud to present a Director/DoP, who needs no introduction - Phedon Papamichael. Phedon’s work as a director of photography includes Million Dollar Hotel (Wim Wenders), Sideways and Walk the Line, to name just a few. For Phedon’s commercial reel please contact us.Source


Kazoo Creative VFX. Inside Incredible Athletes, Channel 4 - Broadcast Awards nominated. Directed by Mike Christie.Click to play
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