Dawn Brown _ Food Stylist

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Dawn Brown is an International Food Stylist, based in Greece. With over 15 years of styling experience, her work embraces commercial photography, packaging, TV, and digital media.
Born and raised in Toronto, Dawn’s interest in food was evident from a young age, when she created her own 'Gourmet Food Club' with her best friend at the age of 14. After college, Dawn went on to work with the Four Seasons Hotels, where her passion for beautiful, delicious food and wine continued to flourish. After relocating to her current home in Athens, Dawn opted to depart from her career in PR & Marketing and delve deeper into the food scene and the creative artistry of food styling.
Today, Dawn is a sought-after international food stylist, working in Europe, the Middle East and the US. To each and every new project, she brings an extensive knowledge of the world of food, culinary ability, creativity and a sound appreciation of her clients’ food specific needs.

Her modern approach has captivated local and international audiences, working with clients such as IKEA, Pizza Hut, Lidl, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Barilla, Tassimo, Oreo, Olympos, Maggi, Kanakis, Everest, Grigoris, Alfa Beer…to name a few.

In addition, Dawn has styled several Mediterranean cookbooks, including: Baroulko with Lefteris Lazarou, Aegean Cuisine and Classic Ikonoclastic Kerasma, published by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

And, she keeps on styling, and travelling, and tasting…ever pursuing her passion to bring beautiful, delicious food to life.

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