Hans Emanuel

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Please welcome new addition to our camp - Hans Emanuel.
Hans was born to a Mexican mother and German father in California, a native of Venice Beach. His childhood was split between Europe, the US and Mexico. His first devoted creative expression was the violin. While living in New York City, he transitioned to digital design. In Spain, this new love evolved into work with fashion videos. At the same time, he became drawn to narrative and began shooting short films.
His short 'Cajas' won a number of awards and screened at Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival. In the last years, living in Paris, Hans evolved into a splendid commercial director focusing on fashion and beauty, but always ready to expand. In 2013 shooting O.P.I.'s first brand campaign won Hans a Bronze Lion in Cannes, Gold Clio and several golds in the Cristal Festival. Hans continues to shoot in the US as well as in Europe.

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